Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday shouldn't be a weak day.

So, still in the middle of my week off work.  I go back on Wednesday.  What better time than to have a day of almost total rest, then hit the gym, doing largely the same workout as Friday.  Only, it didn't quite go to plan.  Not sure what it was.  Maybe having a spotter meant that I fell back into a lazy trap of having a get out if things didn't quite go to plan.  Maybe I was just having a weak day.  Maybe rugby took too much out of me.  Maybe I wasn't focused on the session having watched TV for most of the day.  Maybe it was a mixture of all of the above.  Either way, it was a to forget - but also to remember as I don't want to make the same mistakes again.

So then...

Squat: 70kg, 90kg, 105kg, 125kg, 140kg
Bench Press: 50kg, 65kg, 75kg, 90kg, 100kg
Row: 40kg, 45kg, 55kg, 65kg, 75kg
Hyperextensions: 10 @ bw, 4 x 10 holding a 10kg weight
Sit ups: 25 @ BW, 25 +2.5kg, 25 +5kg, 25 +10kg

Squats were going well until the last set.  I did the first 3, then dropped for the 4th rep and leaned forwards too far.  I was on my toes and not my heels and pulling 140kg back like that wasn't happening.  So I failed.  I was massively put off by my spotter - I've gotten used to training without one, that in my personal space was someone and I didn't like it.  I don't need spotting on the squat - I set the power-rack up so so that I can bail out of a rep if needed.

Bench press felt very heavy all night.  Everything felt at least 10kg heavier than it was.  Not a pleasing session.

The barbell row went OK - the weight was manageable and I had a good session on that.

The hyperextensions were OK - nothing really to report - other than the addition of 10kg will become a feature (until/unless I get a 20kg kettlebell).

Sit ups went well and I bashed them out in a pleasing manner.

I then spent 10 minutes on the rower/stepper machine, just as a cool down.

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