Friday, 22 February 2013

Frumpy Friday

Heavy day and on a day where I was playing badminton in the evening.  It's a good job that I'm off work!

So, I get up nice and early (10am) and head to the gym.  The workout today includes 3 'assistance' exercises, so I managed to put those in, too.

Squat: 70kg, 85kg, 100kg, 120kg, 140kg (x3), 100kg (x8)
Bench Press: 50kg, 65kg, 75kg, 90kg, 100kg (x3), 75kg (x8)
Barbell Row: 40kg, 45kg, 55kg, 65kg, 75kg (x3), 60 (x8)
Tricep Pushdown: 3 x 8 @ 25kg
Bicep Curl: 3 x 8 @ 17.5kg
Dip machine: 3 x 8 @ 80kg

The squat was a new PB in terms of weight moved and I was pretty chuffed with that.  The form is looking good and my knees are feeling strong, which is pleasing.

Bench press was OK - the 100kg is getting a little heavy to be lifting without a spotter, but it's doable.  Not having a safety net sometimes helps though - I absolutely have to move the bar!

Barbell row is another solid exercise - I'll probably have good gains from this because I'm really not sure where I should be on it.  We'll see as the programme progresses.

The assistance work was OK - the tricep pushdown was done on a cable machine and I was using the 5th weight, I'm assuming that they're in 5kg increments.  Bicep curl was done seated as I wanted to eliminate body swing and I'll be looking to go heavier next week, I think.  Dip machine again wasn't too difficult - another 20kg on that next week - really, it should have been dips, but I was simply too lazy to go back upstairs and set the dip machine up!

As for badminton.  I played 3, won 3 and was winning the 4th game until time was called.  I wasn't pleased with my performance in the 3rd game - I let my concentration slip and had to come from 8-0 behind to win 21-13.  If I'd not messed about and fell off my game, I'd have had time for that 4th game.

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