Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tickle my toes! It's Tuesday!

So then...  Tuesday.  The second day of the training week and what do I have to show for it.  A wet left foot, a bout of the sniffles and some proper training aches!

Tonight's session was a 'light' squat session, followed by standing shoulder press, followed by deadlifts.  All hard power moves.  All are going to release lots of lovely natural growth hormones.

Anyway, the specifics...

Squat: 65kg, 80kg, 100kg, 100kg - all sets of 5
Shoulder press: 40kg, 45kg, 55kg, 60kg - all sets of 5
Deadlift: 80kg, 100kg, 115kg, 130kg - all sets of 5

The squat was easy.  Last night, my heavy set was 130kg, so this was a form checking session and promoting recovery.

The shoulder press is never an easy exercise for me.  But, in around 4 weeks, I want to give a 2 rep clean and press PB a go - so I want to be powerful from the floor and powerful from the rack position.

Deadlift is never easy for me.  This weight was heavy and I'm fairly sure that there will be some de-loading during this training cycle.  But, I do want to up my PR for the deadlift and I'm almost working out at that at the minute, so that's never going to be easy.

Next weights session is on Friday where I'll be repeating last Friday's session.

As for the wet foot - as I've mentioned before, I do all of my standing barbell exercises barefoot and I trod in a puddle in the gym - the gym has lots of character and you get a shower as you train, sometimes!  It's awesome and I would not want to go to a big corporate gym - this is like training in a big garage!

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