Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Wednesday the weird.

Sometimes, things go well.  Sometimes things go tits up.  Mainly, things go tits up.  But today, stuff just happened and it made me feel good!

I've been having a little think about my training and nutrition etc.  I generally get between 5 and 7 hours sleep per night, which is plenty for me.  So that side of things is good.  Nutritionally, I've become a lot better - making smarter choices and actually having treats, instead of those treat items becoming part and parcel of my daily intake.  So, in caloric deficit, I'm struggling to make decent gains in the gym - I've definitely gained strength and my technique on the squat/deadlift has come on massively over the last 6-8 weeks.  But, I'm beginning to stall, because I'm not eating enough - because I want to lose bodyfat more than I want to gain muscle.

So, I'm going to keep the core of my workouts the same and I won't be looking to add weight every week - I'll do it when the previous session was completed with good form and all 5 of the heavy set were done in one go.

With that in mind, I had a slight change to today's session.

Squat: 65kg, 75kg, 90kg, 110kg, 110kg - all x8 reps.
Standing Press: 40kg, 45kg, 55kg, 60kg, 3 x 65kg
Deadlift: 60kg, 90kg, 110kg, 125kg, 135kg
Weighted sit up: 5 sets x 30 @ 15kg

The squat went well with the extra lighter set.  But it's not too difficult as I'm a 140kg squatter anyway.

Standing press went OK until the last set and without almost doing a push-press, I couldn't get more than 3 reps.

Deadlift would have gone a lot better if I'd remembered my lifting straps - my grip was beginning to give out at 125kg, so I didn't push to the 145kg as there's no way that I could have held on.  I disappointed myself there.

Sit ups went well - this was the first time that I've done 5 sets of 30 with the 15kg.  Looking at ways of making it heavier next week - I think I might do a middle set with a 20kg plate and see how that feels.

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