Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tremendous Tuesday

Lessons that I've learned today...  Not eating much, then trying to pull a personal record deadlift isn't easy.  But then PRs aren't easy.

Today's pre-workout food... Nothing.  No food until post training today.  Maybe not ideal, but every week, I'm having a fasting day where I consume no more than 600kcal.  I felt OK about not eating today and it didn't really affect me that much - I think that I got more fatigue from consecutive days working out than I got from not eating.

Anyway - the workout today...

Squat: 75kg, 90kg, 110kg, 110kg
Overhead Press: 40kg, 50kg, 55kg, 65kg
Deadlift: 90kg, 110kg, 125kg, 145kg
Sit ups: 5 x 30 (+15kg)

Squat went well - nice and low, good explosive power on the way back up.  Nothing too taxing as it's a lighter squat workout.

Overhead press seems a little easier now that I'm gripping the bar better.  Equal PR on that one, which was pleasing.

Deadlift was always going to be challenging.  The last set was really a 5 sets of 1 rep as I had to re-wrap to the bar and by heck (as my granddad would have said) was it heavy.  But, I wanted to make sure that I shifted the weight 5 times.  I'll keep at 145kg until I pull it in one set of 5.  But, it was new territory - 3 plates and a little bit more!

Sit ups were a PR in terms of reps at that weight, too.

So I celebrated with 600kcal of fish, stir fry veg and noodles.  Tomorrow, I might eat a little bit more and I feel that I'll have earned it!

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