Thursday, 4 October 2012

A slap on the wristicles

I haven't blogged in a while.  Bad, bad man.  So, I'll post an update on where I'm at in terms of weights as an indication of improvement.

Next week will see a whole new routing and a whole new bias to my training, which I'll continue until December.  But, that will come on Monday's blog.

So then, my improvements on what I consider to be the most important exercises...

Bench press.  Starting weight: 40kg  Finishing weight: 100kg
When I re-started, I was doing light dumb-bell as my shoulder was pretty stuffed.  I'm really pleased with my progress so far and I'm somewhere near my pre-injury strongest.

Shoulder press.  Starting weight: 40kg  Finishing weight: 60kg
As per bench press - I was doing lighter dumb-bell work.  I couldn't stretch with a bar at the back of my neck.  An increase of 45lb AND an ability to work at the back of my neck.

Squat.  Starting weight:80kg  Finishing weight: 120kg
A good improvement, showing the strength and confidence of my knee.  In a straight plane of motion anyway.

Deadlift.  Starting weight 110kg  Finishing weight: 150kg
Pleasing as I managed to injure myself pulling too much, too soon of a 15" deadlift and hurt my back, which is still not fully recovered.

Dip.  Starting weight (assistance): 70lbs, finishing weight: 35lb.
Really pleasing.  I want to be bodyweight dipping soon.

Dumb-bell curl.  Starting weight: 45lb, finishing weight: 55lb
Form has improved massively with this and I no longer find myself with an odd 'twanging' sensation (rather than pain) at the back of my right arm.

Overall, I'm really pleased with my increases over these 'staple' exercises.  I've clearly re-gained some strength and power.  I've also gained some muscle across my shoulders.

As I pointed to at the beginning of the blog, I want to change my routine, which I'll keep for the next 6-8 weeks for a slightly different focus to my training.

I'll blog again with the remaining gym sessions planned - Friday and Saturday.

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