Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Mount Moron Monday

Another week started.  Another day full of morons at work.  Enough of them to make a mountain out of them.  Mount Moron.  Both nouns.  Not a verb followed by a noun.  That would just be wrong.

So, the weekend came and went in a blur of activity.  Friday night was gym night, but I can't remember what I did, other than run out of time as the gym closed early, so, the pure athlete in me decided to watch a film and eat fish & chips.

Saturday, I was planning on finishing my gym session off.  And I did.  In my sleep.  Then off to rugby to watch my team lose 5-0.  Poo.  Then on to my sister's for a halloween party.  I hate halloween.  So much that I'm not even capitalising the first letter.  Up yours, rubbish American 'tradition'.  So, I made a token effort and went dressed in my tiger onesie.  Then on to the pub for a couple of beers and a sing-song at the karaoke.  As I was dressed as a tiger, I had to do Eye Of The Tiger.  I also joined some old rockers for a bit of AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie and Saxon - Wheels Of Steel.  Then, my crowning glory performance of the night... Bowling For Soup - 1985, complete with pogo-ing and a small amount of showboating (for the fans).  Raptures of applause followed and I drank more cider, which, as we all know, gives you the voice of an angel.  A fallen angel, but an angel nonetheless.  More to come; Nilsson - Without You.  A suprise entry as someone requested it then buggered off.  The night finished with a now-traditional rendition of Metallica - Enter Sandman.

Sunday, the day of rest.  Or, in my case, the day of driving 100 miles to coach my women's rugby team to a fine (if squeaky-bum) 14-12 victory as they keep their title chase up.  100 miles of return journey and I crash out.

So, the weekend passes and I'm happy to go to work for a bit of a rest.  That doesn't happen as all manner of smelly brown stuff hits a rotating air circulator.  It doesn't matter... I'm at the gym doing shoulders!  Let's do a little dance!

  • Seated shoulder press - 1 x 10 @ 30kg, 1 x 10 @ 40kg, 3 x 10 @ 50kg
  • Wide grip lat pulldown - 1 x 10 @ 50kg, 1 x 10 @ 60kg, 3 x 10 @ 70kg
  • Clean and press - 1 x 10 @ 30kg, 1 x 10 @ 40kg, 2 x 10 @ 50kg, 1 x 4 @ 60kg
  • EZ curl biceps curl - 5 x 10 @ 20kg
  • Rowing machine - 10 minutes (last 4 are Tabata - 20 seconds effort, 10 seconds rest X 8)
  • Bike - level 3, 10 minutes @ 100rpm

As a session, I was quite pleased.  The original plan was to start with the standing press, but that machine was taken.

Seated press and wide grip pulldown is OK and went to plan.

Clean and press, whilst not particularly heavy is a big movement and requires a lot of dynamic strength.  I thought my heart was going to explode through my chest.  My favourite exercise at the moment.

The biceps curl was OK.  Done in a 'pass the bar' style, so there's little recovery time.  It's all about conditioning the guns.

Then some CV.  My training partner wanted to finish with CV, so I'm more than happy to do this.  In the 10 minutes on the rower, I managed ~500m more than him.  So that was pleasing - he can press more than me, I can exert myself for longer than him.

Then I went home and ate a small mountain of pasta.  Not a mountain of morons though.  That would possibly be more weird than the word mount being a verb.

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