Thursday, 25 October 2012

Woe is me Wednesday.

Training in the dark.  Finishing the first exercise in the dark.  Answering the door with full on morning glory.  Things that shouldn't happen.  But things that definitely happened this morning.

So, the alarm goes off at 6.30.  Lady training partner due to arrive at 6.45.  She's always late, so there's no issue there.  I accidentally snooze and hear a tapping at the door.  Stumble downstairs and it appears clear that I'm happy to see her.  Brilliant.

Bloodflow issues sorted, I head off to the gym and start the day with a quick session.

  • Standing military press - 10 @ 30kg, 10 @ 40kg, 3 x 10 @ 55kg
  • Deadlift - 10 @ 60kg, 10 @ 70kg, 3 x 10 @ 80kg
  • Rear dumbbell raise - 2 x 10 @ 20lb, 3 x 10 @ 25lb
  • Crunches - 50

The standing press was difficult.  In fact, it was a difficult session.  Burning the candle at both ends, busy at work, coaching rugby and weight training is just about manageable.  But when I'm recovering from a fairly horrible cold, then I maybe think I should have had the week off training.

And my coup de grâce.  Forgetting to take my sodding rugby shorts to training.

Woe is me Wednesday!

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