Friday, 19 October 2012

Because I am a Lazy Lazerson...

I should point out that I'm not actually the son of a lazer, as cool as it would be.  I've been far too lax this week and I haven't updated my blog.  My only superfan has threatened to do an Ironpoo through my door if I don't update, so here's my week's training in one super-post.


So, we start the training week again on the back of the weekend's activities (ran touch at rugby and boxing on Sunday).  Also back to normal on the working front - I just felt more with it as I travelled home to some inspiring music (not The Cheeky Girls).  In, change, water, make the short trip to the gym.
  • Bench press - 10 @ 50kg, 10 @ 60kg, 3 x 10 @ 85kg
  • Close grip pulldown - 10 @ 50kg, 10 @ 60 kg, 2 x 12 @ 70kg, 1 x 17 @ 70kg (failure)
  • Incline bench press - 10 @ 40kg, 10 @ 50kg, 3 x 12 @ 65kg
  • Dumbbell curl (seated) - 10 @ 35lb ea., 10 @ 40lb, 2 x 12 @ 45lb, 1 x 13 @ 45lb (failure)
  • Narrow grip bench press (flat) - 10 @ 50kg, 10 @ 60kg, 2 x 12 @ 65kg
  • Final bench press set  - 10 wide grip, 10 neutral grip, 10 narrow grip - all done in one set (no rest) or until failure.  I used 60kg and did the 10 x wide, 10 x neutral and my arms were in all sorts of pain.  I composed myself for a couple of breaths then bust out 4 x narrow grip and that was all I'd got.

A thoroughly enjoyable session.  Very hard.  Very achy at the end.  I needed a couple of minutes alone to be able to put my hoodie on before heading home for a well earned protein shake.

Bench press was OK and is progressing as expected.  Same weight next week, but I will get 3 x 12 out instead of 3 x 10.

That last set was a total killer and really finished my arms off.  I was achy as soon as I got home!


My arms and chest were really feeling the pain after the previous night's session, even after a good sleep.

Shoulders.  Brilliant.  By brilliant, I meant 'why didn't I suggest a full leg session as my arms are hurty'.  They read so similar.

  • Dumbbell shoulder press - 10 @ 40lb ea., 10 @ 45lb, 3 x 12 @ 50lb
  • Deadlift - 10 @ 60kg, 10 @ 80kg, 3 x 12 @ 95kg
  • Standing military press - 10 @ 30kg, 10 @ 40kg, 3 x 12 @ 50kg
  • Seated cable row - 10 @ 40kg, 10 @ 50kg, 3 x 12 @ 70kg

This was a very demanding session.  I was already pre-fatigued due to the Monday's session as I said before, I really should have given my arms another rest cycle before pushing on.  But, hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20.  Deadlift was done to make room for something extra on the leg session planned for Wednesday.

I was planning on a dip session, too.  But I was spent.  My triceps had nothing more to give.


Again, the alarm clock goes off at 6.30.  5 minutes of snooze.  Fall out of bed and into my gym kit then it's time to dodge the hoover in the gym as I rub the sleep out of my eyes and eye up the cold looking bar.  At this point, I am a walking ache.  Everything is painful.  I feel like I've got a cold starting.  Brilliant.  You don't build awesomeness being a ponce and moaning about illness.  You kick the awesomeness off in the gym and build it with rest and nutrition.

Squat - 10 @ 60kg, 10 @ 80kg, 3 x 12 @ 90kg
Calf raise - 10 @ 100kg, 10 @ 120kg, 3 x 12 @ 160kg
Hanging leg raise - 5 x 10
Seated twist - 5 x 10 @ 50kg (each side)
Ab roller - 5 x 10

As I was feeling pretty pooped, my training partner wanted to do some abdominal exercises, so we finished the morning's workout with those 3.

My back was in bit for some reason.  My lower back was just very painful.  3 hard session and I was falling to pieces.  And I had rugby training to look forward to later in the evening.  Yay.

But, for a week's worth of resistance training, I think I covered quite a bit.

I've been struck down with the dreaded lurgy and I'm quite ill.  So, I'm unsure when I'll next train.  I just hope that I'm OK to train on Monday evening.  All depends on how the cough/cold/flu goes.

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