Thursday, 16 August 2012

Training session #1

So then, first training session following the routine.

As per original post, the weights were the working weights for 3 x 5 sets.  Weights are total weights (so dumbells are

Wednesday - shoulders...
  • Dumbell shoulder press - 90lb
  • Shrugs - 176lb
  • Dips - 70lb assistance
  • Wide grip lat pulldown - 132lb
  • Tricep push (rope attachment) - 4th weight (unsure of actual weight)

My thoughts on the session...

Shoulder press could have been 10lbs heavier, but I wasn't sure as it's week #1.  Next week, I might skip a weight as I still had some in the tank (form was good on the last rep).

Shrugs were let down by the physical grip on my left (non-hurty) side.  But, when I changed grip to the wider grip, I was fine, so it wasn't an issue of power.

Dips were controlled more by the pain in my shoulder.  But I could feel it working the front deltoid, so it was ok-ish.

Pulldown was light-ish and I might skip a weight next week - form was still very good on my last rep.

Tricep push down was good and just about right as I put the wrong weight on the last set and couldn't do more than 3.

Overall, the session rated an 8/10 and I'm looking forward to seeing if I can increase by 5kg per exercise next week.

Tomorrow night is rugby coaching, so a rest night from the gym.  I'll be back on Friday though!

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