Monday, 12 November 2012

Another change to training...

I've decided that, I've had a good month to six weeks doing higher reps with lower weights.  Now it's time to flip that on it's head again and get some bigger weights pushed.

So, each exercise will be done as follows: 10 reps at a lower weight as a warm up and to rehearse the movement.  4 sets of 5 reps, aiming for the last set to be breaking form on the last rep.

Tonight's session was shoulders as that naturally followed from the bench press session on Saturday.

  • Seated shoulder press - 10 @ 40kg, 4 x 5 @ 50kg
  • Seated dumbbell curl - 10 @ 35lb, 4 x 5 @ 45lb
  • Side dumbbell raise - 10 @ 25lb, 4 x 5 @ 30lb
  • Deadlift - 10 @ 60kg, 4 x 5 @ 100kg
  • Static bike 5k - 8:38
The aims for this session were to get a feel for a good range of motion on the shoulder press.  Recently, I've noticed that my form on the heavier weight was poor - I wasn't getting as low with the bar, therefore not recruiting as much muscle fibre.  So I concentrated on making sure that the bar touched the bottom of my neck before pressing the weight up.

Dumbbell curl was OK - fairly standard and will improve in the coming weeks.

Lateral raise was a range-finder as I can't remember the last time that I used this exercise, I think I can go heavier next week without much issue.

Deadlift was OK, bearing in mind that I hurt my back the other week.  I'll make sure that I take the progression easy.

Static bike - I have a new aim.  I need to knock 19 seconds off the time in the next 3 weeks, so this was a good benchmark.

Overall, this was my most enjoyable training session in some time.  Tomorrow is bench press day, so I'll look forward to that under the new set/rep protocol.

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