Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tooting Tuesday...

So, the training continues with some bigger weights for lower reps.  It's all about power and strength.  Knickers to looks/bulking/whatever.  I quite simply want to get more weight pressed in the gym.  The rest will follow.

Tuesdays, over the last few weeks have been a little busy.  I have an hour's physio, followed by a gym session.  Physio is getting there and I'm sure that I'll get some more stability back in my knee.

So, on to the gym.  Tonight happens to be bench press night.  So...
  • Bench press - 10 @ 60kg, 4 x 5 @ 95kg
  • Narrow grip pulldown - 10 @ 60kg, 4 x 5 @ 80kg
  • Cable flye - 10 @ 25kg, 4 x 5 @ 35kg
  • Narrow grip bench press - 10 @ 50kg, 4 x 5 @ 70kg
Bench press was comfortable and I think I could have had a couple more reps out, but, the sessions will get a hell of a lot harder over the next few weeks, so it was pleasing to be just 5kg off 2 plates for 5 reps (4 times, too).

In fact, all of the weights were bordering on comfortable/easy, as per last night.  But, the sessions will get very difficult in the coming weeks, so it's important to have a couple of sessions that are slightly lighter weight and really concentrate on nailing the form.

Wednesday is a rest day.  Thursday there's half a possibility of a leg session in the morning.  I return to the shoulder session on Friday, followed by a bench press session on Saturday morning.  So far, it's looking like a good training week!

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