Sunday, 18 November 2012

Squidgy Saturday

Saturday!   Leg day.  Legs shouldn't be ignored as either a rugby player, a weight trainer or any other kind of sportist.  You recruit more muscle fibres in your legs, you promote good posture through leg exercises.  It's important.  So, as I've not done a properly thorough leg session in quite some time, I thought I really ought to give it a go.


  • Squat - 20 x bodyweight, 20 @ 10kg, 20 @ 15kg, 2 x 20 @ 20kg
  • Hamstring curl - 10 @ 40kg, 4 x 5 @ 56kg
  • Calf raise - 10 @ 80kg, 4 x 5 @ 100kg
  • Knee extension - 10 @ 35kg, 4 x 5 @ 45kg
  • Leg press - 10 @ 180kg, 4 x 5 @ 220kg
Due to the long-standing knee injury, I used some weird shin trapping thing for my squats, the weights are weird, but they encourage you to sit back into the squat.

The rest of the session went well.  Knee extension was low weight because I did it single leg to avoid overcompensating with the good leg as I'm keen to avoid any imbalance.

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